A downloadable game for Windows

You can change color in-game easily.

Blade of Arena is a multiplayer online PVP game.

The core of the game is extremely competitive combat: to emphasize intense combat, only short-range weapons were designed. This will require players to have melee combat, control, and real-time reaction, make the gameplay even more exciting. The key to victory will depend on a player’s control, including the use of weapons, skills, items, along with strategy on how to use limited stamina for the most effective move etc.

  Download the demo, let's play!  (US server is available now!)

(US server is available now!)

 Youtube Gameplay Trailer: https://youtu.be/3CQ94VuVneQ

Game Website: http://www.bladeofarena.com/   (outdated, will be update later) 

Discord: https://discord.gg/5t9E9Ce

We have 3 game mode for now :   

Survival - 8 players fright in one island, after 3 rounds. The top player will be the dragon!  

Duel (1v1) - 2 players fright each other, gain 3 kills to win!  

Capture (4v4) - 2 teams try to capture tower to gain points.

PVP Gameplay preview : https://youtu.be/IJMCLQ6qY-c

PVE Gameplay preview : https://youtu.be/d_YcRQkL7JU

4v4 Gameplay preview : https://youtu.be/equgmLXqNtw

4 weapon-type

Shield & Sword - Defense advantage. Use your shield to defend all attacks and then look for opportunities to fight back.

Heavy Sword - Range advantage. Swing your big sword, a wide range of attacks makes it easier for you to hit your opponent.

Katana - Attack advantage. Use your skills to target your opponent and directly kill your opponent.

Double Blade - Speed advantage. Fast and faster, so your opponent has no chance to fight back.

In Survival & Team Game mode, you have chance to become the Big Dragon.
The other player need to team up!

 You can custom your character with many part. You ear, horn, tail, clothes, weapon...



Install instructions

Control :

Use WSAD + Mouse to move;

Left Click for Light Attack, Right Click for Heavy Attack

With different input order character will have the different combo attack

Ctrl: Block

Alt: Dodge

L-Shift: Sprint

Keyboard G : Grab Target

Q : Sheath / Draw Weapon

T : Dragon Mode

Drawn weapon - Grap small enemy

Some Special Attack :

Shield and Sword : (Character Blocking - Hold RightMouseBtn - Aim, and release )

Heavy Sword : (Dodging - Hold RightMouseBtn - Aim, and release)

Shield and Sword / Katana / Double Blade:

(Backward - Hold L-Shift - Hold RightMouseBtn - Aim, and release ) - 3 weapon has different effects


bladeofarena-win64.zip 2 GB
Version 1 Sep 03, 2019

Development log


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hope the game can return if you still want to do it :3 wish yull well

We launched on Kickstarter now,

And Online Demo is Available
Check it out! http://kck.st/32iMCLV

the concept and character design is cool